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— East Bay Location Guide 

Transform your photography with curated, scouted, and photographer approved locations in the East Bay (east of San Francisco).

Years of work condensed into one easy to use guide!

What if you didn't have to spend years searching for the perfect backdrops for your photography sessions or photos? What if someone already did the hard work of planning, exploring, testing, and curating for you?


Well, I did just that, and I'm sharing it all with you!

Know this all
too well?


Photography fuels your soul but finding the right locations takes too much time.


You wish you had a list of tried and true locations to share with your clients.


You like colorful & unique photo backdrops but don't know where to find them.


You're looking for fresh creative inspiration for your next photoshoot.

Using my tried and true photography locations means less time on the front and back end, and more time doing what you love - taking photos! No need to spend hours doing research; all the work has already been done for you in this digital guide!





Ready to up your photography game?


The East Bay Location Guide is only $24


What's inside the guide?


27 of my favorite photography locations in the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area)


An interactive Google map with all of the locations marked and labeled


Expert guidance on what to wear, when to go, and other location-specific tips


Highlights of the area and sample photos taken during my own photography sessions

About the creator

Sarah Eichstedt

Hey there!

I'm Sarah: a fun-loving and color-obsessed wedding, lifestyle, & commercial photographer for joyful couples & creative brands. I live with my husband and our cuddly 60 lb pitbull, Spruce, in the hills of Oakland and mountains of Mammoth Lakes, California. A few things I enjoy: fall road trips, raising my plant babies, smoothies, and brunch!

In my mind there are 3 things that every photoshoot needs: beautiful light, spontaneous laughter, and a great location!

This guide takes care of 2 of those!

With this location guide you'll be able to…

Save time

All the work of searching and exploring for new locations is done for you! That's literally hundreds to thousands of hours!

Serve your clients better

Help your clients choose photography friendly locations that both of you will love!

Level up your photography game

Better locations = better photos. Am I right or am I right?

includes locations for all kinds of photography sessions!

Families + Maternity

Couples + weddings

Portraits + Lifestyle

Save time and find new photography inspiration with the East Bay Location Guide!